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Below is a letter sent to Senator Kerry and others before the Senate vote on the Iraq war resolution in the Fall of 2002.  Senator Kerry voted for it.

October 2, 2002

Senator John Kerry,

            The Iraq war resolution proposed by the Bush administration is a dangerous proposal to address a problem that is better dealt with by less violent means.  If Congress approves this measure then this country and the world are placed in great danger.

             It is the responsibility that all those who have the power to act to stop this precipitous rush into war do so.  Those who are able to stop this rush to war and do not do so are as guilty as those who lead the charge.

            This Administration does not appear to show any respect for limits, but rather given even a smallest opening will drive a tank through it.  Do not surrender the future of this country for political expediency.  


David E. White



The love of liberty is the love of others. The love of power is the love of ourselves. -- William Hazlitt
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