Fallujah Destroyed
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Fallujah Destroyed

 FYI - The following letter (slightly edited) referring to an article in the Sunday Globe on 11/28/04 was printed in the Letters section on the following Sunday (12/5/04).

Dear Editor,

     I am deeply disturbed by your choice of lead photo and article for the Sunday Globe.  The photo shows US soldiers looking at a model of Fallujah made out of out of bricks.  The article quotes an officer saying "The only way to root them out is to destroy everything in your path."

     Picturing Fallujah as a toy city made out of bricks establishes a distance and unreality from the actual events.  Are there no pictures now of the city after the military forces have gone through it, or are they too disturbing for your readers?  Did not people live in that city who are now dead or wounded because everything in the path of the military was destroyed?  What are their names, where are their faces, what is their number?

     The whole presentation is morally reprehensible.  The picture and article bring to mind heedless children with too much power playing at a game and not caring about the consequences.  Is that is what this country has become?

David E. White


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