Turn Away From War
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                                                                   March 27, 2003
Dear Editor,

People in this country and all around the world have spoken against a war in Iraq.  Respected statesmen and religious leaders in this country and around the world have spoken for peace. The international community has established an active inspection program for dealing with any prohibited weapons in that country.

Yet we have this war in Iraq. An unjustifiable and totally avoidable war.  We have this war because a few men with far too much power and a disdain for the democratic process have decided that they want it.

And how did it happen that these men have so much power?  It is because we gave it to them out of fear. We thought that our fear could be vanquished by strong leaders. And in that faith we give them our treasure and our obedience, and now our children. We acquiesced to a “War on Terror” forgetting that the essence of war is violence and terror.

Every life lost in this war, be it American or Iraqi, is a life that could have been saved.  Regardless of the military outcome, there are already many losses.  International institutions and laws to prevent war have been weakened.  Around the world the moral standing of this nation has been irretrievably tarnished. Domestically, resources that could have been used help our communities will instead go into this war.  We have embarked of a folly that will leave us poorer, with fewer friends and less safe than ever before.  The repercussions are likely to haunt us for generations.

One of the wisest sayings of Jesus is “For where your treasure is, there also will be your heart.” (Mt 6.21)   We have put far too much of our treasure into weapons of war, rather than into meeting the basic daily needs of people in this country and around the world.  Our hearts and minds have followed.  For the sake of ourselves, and of our children, and of all the other people in the world we need to turn away from fear and vengeance, and turn instead towards compassion and peace.

David E. White

The love of liberty is the love of others. The love of power is the love of ourselves. -- William Hazlitt
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