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Our personal comments on events in the world:

Love Your Mother and All Her Children, A bumper sticker that says it all.

Fallujah Destroyed - A letter printed in the Boston Globe on 12/5/04.  David White. 

Fallujah In Pictures - Some very graphic images of the destruction there. 

Do Not Despair - Do not give in to bipolar thinking disorder.  The end of the world has not yet come.   David White, 11/6/04. 

The Party's Over - A book review that appeared in the 2004 Fall book issue of Peacework magazine.  David White, 8/8/04.

Saying the Unthinkable - What are the motivations for torture?  David White, 6/7/04. 

If you break it - What are the responsibilities?  David White, 4/23/04.  

It Doesn't Have to be That Way - The choices that are facing us in Iraq.  David White, 4/9/04.  

Watch Out! Here comes the FTAA - What "free trade" really means.  Mary Gilbert, 10/22/03.   

The Occupation is the Fundamental Problem - How to achieve peace in Israel and Palestine.  David White, 10/6/03.  

What to do now ?, David White, 9/6/03.  The least disastrous path. 

The Reasons Behind the August Power Blackout, David White et al, 9/7/03.  Why did the lights go out? 

It's Not Just About WMD's, David White, 6/24/03.  Printed in the Boston Globe on 7/1/03. 

What About Those WMD's ?, David White, 6/19/03. 

Tax Cuts Only for the Few, David White, 6/18/03.  Who really benefits from dividend tax cuts?  (a PDF file with a chart)

Pax Americana Tango, A musical commentary by Mary Gilbert, 6/02/03

Collateral Language, A book review by David White, 5/30/03.  Appearing in the Summer book issue of Peacework magazine.

Winning is Not the Only Thing, David White, 5/1/03

Some Call It a Victory, David White, 4/12/03

Turn Away From War, David White, 3/27/03

Why I Am Going to India, Mary Gilbert, 2/23/03

Truth About Taxes, Mary Gilbert, 2/22/03

Tale of Two T-Shirts, Mary Gilbert, 11/16/03

Dear John Kerry - Do not vote for the Iraq War.  David White, 10/2/02.

No Cause for Iraq War, David White, 6/13/02

The Battle for God, A review of Karen Armstrong's book about Fundamentalism by David White, 6/15/02


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The love of liberty is the love of others. The love of power is the love of ourselves. -- William Hazlitt
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