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Speaking Frankly about Israel and Palestine - The many controversial issues concerning Palestine and the path to peace for Israel are intensely debated among Israelis and throughout other nations but not in the United States.  Jimmy Carter, 12/8/06.

Thank You, Jimmy Carter - Jimmy Carter was the best friend the Jews ever had as president of the United States.   Rabbi Michael Lerner, 12/6/06.

Staticide, Not Civil War in Iraq - Calling the tragedy in Iraq a "civil war" is not only inaccurate. It is morally indefensible, laying the blame for the horrific violence and the destruction of a country and a society upon the victims of an illegal, aggressive war.   Sarah Shields, 12/6/06.

Carter Tried To Stop Bush's Energy Disasters - 28 Years Ago - In a news conference, George Bush Jr. suggested that our nation's "problem" with high gasoline prices was caused by the lack of a national energy policy, and tried to blame it all on Bill Clinton.   Thom Hartmann, 5/3/05.

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Boondocks - Political cartoons.

Internet Weekly Report - Political satire.

Pax Americana Tango - A musical commentary by Mary Gilbert, 6/02/03.


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